Remove TSS and TDS

The key to cleaning any waste stream is to first remove the Total Suspended Solids, (TSS), and then remove the Total Dissolved Solids, (TDS). CleanWater Solutions addresses each waste stream individually. Why? Every waste stream is different. We customized EVERY system to the exact specifications required to meet the client’s requirements, as established by Local, State, and Federal EPA Regulations.

Built for Scale

The CleanWater Solutions systems are modular and are built to meet the client’s current needs but can be expanded as their business grows. Because there are as many different waste stream requirements as there are waste streams, the Custom Technology System allows CleanWater Solutions to design, manufacture, install, and operate, any size system a client might require.

Utilizing Renewable Energy

CleanWater Solutions is committed, whenever possible, to provide power to our treatment facilities with 100% renewable energy. This is directly passed through to our client, assisting them in achieving their corporate sustainability goals.
Energy Neutral
In addition to our commitment of utilizing 100% renewable energy whenever possible, CleanWater Solutions is also committed to recycling any contaminant that is removed from the waste stream, to reduce environmental impact.
Like many of our clients, CleanWater Solutions is committed to achieving the highest sustainability scores possible, per the Carbon Reporting Project (CDP) guidelines.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Through the removal of organic matter and other pollutants contained in the waste stream, CleanWater Solutions can lower the Carbon Footprint of our Clients.