Protecting our most precious resource while harnessing it's value.

The earth is made up of 75% water. With so much water, why is there such a shortage of fresh, clean, drinking water?

97.5% of the earth’s water is Ocean or Sea water. Of the remaining 2.5% of the earth’s supply of water, 69% is polluted by agriculture, industry, and municipal waste. The story behind the numbers tells that only 0.775% of the earth’s water supply is considered usable water. These alarming facts are the impetus behind CleanWater Solutions and our commitment to creating a cleaner environment while providing a more cost-effective means of cleaning various contaminated waste water sources.

Lowering cost while helping the environment

Our lower operating cost as compared to other available current technologies, allow our clients to afford the technology upgrade while realizing a savings over their current operating expenses associated with the Local, State, and Federal EPA discharge requirements each client must achieve.

Modular Design

Each CleanWater Solutions system is custom designed using a patent pending Uni-Fit technology. CleanWater Solutions’ team of engineering specialist will work directly with the client to deploy a system that best fits their individual needs for current as well as future growth.

Utilize Renewable Energy